Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Is "Modern Day Magic"?

Modern Day Magic

Hi all! My name is Levi Pitts and this is my magic blog! Well, it’s not just my blog. We have a few people here in our Modern Day Magic crew. Now, this blog is about the game “Magic: The Gathering”. It’s a fun game i’ve been a part of for a while now and I’m happy I get a chance to write about it. But this blog isn’t just about any old articles of “Magic”, it’s specifically about the format that all of us here are most passionate about; Modern. Now, if you’ve never heard of modern before, I would suggest looking into it. The modern format is a non-rotating format that includes all cards printed from 8th edition until today, besides a few banned cards (we’ll get to that later). The modern format allows for many unseen and incredibly fun interactions, it’s relatively easy to get into (as long as you’re committed) and despite it not rotating, it’s constantly able to change because new sets can actually have a very big impact on what happens in modern. The modern format is really awesome and I hope you all can see that through our posts and the format in general. Now, let’s meet the team, shall we?

Parker Lewin

Parker is a well-versed modern player (mostly because he switches decks on a weekly basis) and knows plenty about the format to be our resident deck-builder. He’ll pretty consistently tell you he is terrible at playing, but don’t let that fool you, he can play like a champ when he needs to. Parker’s real skill, however, comes out in his innovative ideas for decks. He’ll try anything, even when he’s 90% sure it’s bad, it’s always worth at least one week of testing out. In his upcoming series “Weapon of Choice” he’ll take you through his thought process and his deck choices with a brand new deck each week. So look out for some out there decks that will get you thinking and will keep you hooked.

Alex West

Alex is another innovator, but not in the same way most people are. Alex is an innovator because of his financial innovation. Alex is our finance guy. He is extremely skilled with his speculating and his use of cheap decks to great success. In his “Price of Progress” series, he will present budget alternatives to tier 1 decks, show his ideas about speccing and why cards move in price, and will cover as much as he can about finance every week. Don’t forget to watch his articles closely as he explains what is on the up or down, you won’t regret it.

Levi Pitts

Hey, that’s me! I know what all of you were wondering, “These guys are cool and all, but what about that super cool and handsome guy who was talking at first?”. Well, I’m essentially going to be the general modern musings guy. I’ll tackle decks, tournaments, metas, and even the banlist once or twice. I’m here to cover everything from the pro tour to the local modern night at your LGS. I hope you all enyoy!

So now that you know what purpose this blog serves, I have to let you go. But we shall meet again! Very soon in fact! I will see all of you on official launch day; September 21st. Get pumped! Get ready! Get a glass of water you seem dehydrated! Get hyped! I’ll see you all right back here next week.


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